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Explore a dynamic career at Hurckman or partner with us for reliable mechanical solutions. Join a legacy of excellence, community, sustainability and safety.

Start a Career With Us
Two Hurckman employees looking at piping while on a jobsite

Hurckman: Where Technology, Community and Excellence Unite

At Hurckman Mechanical Industries, we don’t just offer solutions; we build careers and partnerships. Whether you’re considering joining our team or seeking reliable mechanical services, our company is prepared to exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy: A Commitment to Quality

Hurckman thrives on a philosophy of accountability, ensuring our team’s commitment directly benefits our customers. As Brad Hurckman says, “When we’re accountable to each other, the customer benefits.”

View Our Philosophy
Two Hurckman employee inspecting piping of large biodigester

History: A Legacy of Dedication Since 1953

Our journey is a testament to dedication. From our roots to the present, each chapter reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

View Our History
A black and white historic photo of an employee at one of the early Hurckman locations

Our Team: Crafted for Success

Hurckman’s team is not just a workforce; it’s a group of dedicated individuals fueled by a shared commitment to surpass expectations. Meet the faces driving Hurckman’s success on our individual staff pages.

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Two employees talking in prefabrication shop

Awards and Recognition: Celebrating Excellence

Hurckman Mechanical Industries takes pride in the recognition given to us. Our accolades are proof of the excellence ingrained in every project we undertake.

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Hurckman awards lined up on a shelf

Community: Where We Thrive

Beyond our projects, we thrive in our community. Discover how Hurckman contributes to local areas in Wisconsin.

View Our Community Contributions
Drone view of downtown Green Bay, WI

Sustainability: Building a Greener Tomorrow

Hurckman is not just about mechanical solutions; it’s about sustainable practices. Explore how we integrate environmental responsibility into our projects.

View Our Sustainability Efforts
Piping for a large biodigester system

Safety: Our Top Priority

At Hurckman, safety is our commitment. Learn about our rigorous safety standards and how we ensure a secure working environment for our team and clients alike.

Our Commitment to Safety
Safety harnesses and helmets hanging on shelf
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Our dependable team is prepared to offer tailored solutions for all your industrial mechanical system needs.