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Municipal Industry Solutions

Reliable mechanical solutions for the municipal industry. Trust Hurckman’s proven track record of expertise, serving Wisconsin and beyond.

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Specialized Services for Municipal Projects

Hurckman has a proven track record of expertise in providing specialized services that cater to the unique demands of municipal projects. With a deep understanding of the intricacies and regulations that govern municipal infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive range of services that are crucial for the successful execution of projects within local government settings.

Advancing Municipal Infrastructure with Precision and Expertise

Our commitment extends to providing essential solutions in plumbing, HVAC, piping, insulation and fabrication that are specifically aligned with the mechanical contracting needs of the municipal industry. At HMI, we prioritize functionality and compliance with municipal standards when ensuring efficient water supply systems and drainage networks, as well as implementing reliable HVAC solutions for municipal buildings.

Our experience in working with local governments enables us to navigate regulatory requirements seamlessly, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and in compliance with municipal codes and guidelines. We focus on reliability, safety and adherence to municipal standards. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner in advancing municipal infrastructure projects with precision and expertise.

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