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Biogas Industry Solutions

Discover sustainable waste management with Hurckman. Our biogas solutions turn organic materials into renewable energy. Contact us for eco-friendly installations.

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Aerial view of large biodigesters

Innovative Piping Solutions for Biogas Projects

Biogas, a byproduct of anaerobic digestion of organic materials such as food waste, landfills and manure from dairy cows, swine or poultry, holds the key to sustainable waste management. At Hurckman Mechanical Industries, we specialize in installing process piping for moving organic materials to digesters.

Expertise in Biogas

Our expertise extends to the entire biogas production process, from cleaning and upgrading to high-pressure piping for integration into the natural gas grid. Additionally, we handle the installation of HVAC systems to ensure proper ventilation and classification compliance. The result? Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, water contamination prevention, odor elimination and the transformation of waste into renewable energy and soil-enriching products. Partner with us for sustainable solutions aligned with your financial and environmental goals.

High-pressure piping for biogas system at a farm
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