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Marine Industry Solutions

Hurckman excels in HVAC and process piping for marine vessels, ensuring precision and expertise in shipyard environments.

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Large ship docked at a pier and being loaded by a crane

HVAC and Process Piping for Marine Vessels

Hurckman takes pride in its specialized HVAC and process piping work on Marine Vessels, executed with precision and expertise in demanding shipyard environments. Our extensive experience includes contributions to prominent military programs such as the LCS Navy and MMSC, where we’ve played a crucial role in delivering top-notch heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and process piping solutions.

Specialized Services for Military and Non-Military Boats

HMI’s expertise in marine vessel HVAC and process piping extends to:

  • Military Vessels: Contributions to prominent programs such as LCS Navy and MMSC.
  • Non-Military Boats: Including the NOAA research boat, RV Sikuliaq research vessel and Staten Island Ferries.
NOAA research boat out in the water

Shipyard Excellence

Hurckman employs dedicated workers who operate in three strategic shipyards, located in Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay and Marinette, Wisconsin. With a focus on building and installing parts exclusively on ships, this part of our team ensures the seamless execution of HVAC and process piping projects for marine vessels.

Two boats docked in a small marina
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