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Dust Collection

Elevate your air quality with HMI’s cutting-edge dust collection services. Our mechanical contractors ensure safety and efficiency tailored to diverse sectors.

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Dust collection and HVAC system at woodworking shop

Improve Air Quality and Safety in Your Workspace

Explore HMI’s specialized dust collection services, vital for maintaining air quality and safety across industries. Our tailored solutions cover wood manufacturing, food processing, mining, welding, painting and more. From capturing sawdust in woodworking to controlling corrosive dust in mining, our expert mechanical contractors install systems of various sizes.

Your safety standards, our skill.

  • Dust Collection Expertise: From compact units to large-scale installations, we excel in handling industrial dust and particulate matter.

  • Varied System Sizes: Our capability spans various sizes and complexities, ensuring personalized solutions for all your needs.

  • Powerful Blower Solutions: Trust HMI for robust collectors and powerful blowers, meeting the specific demands of each sector we serve.

Large commercial HVAC system installed in mechanical room
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