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24/7 Service

At Hurckman, we provide 24/7 emergency services for commercial and industrial HVAC, plumbing and commercial refrigeration emergencies. Our team of skilled professionals can be reached at any time to quickly address any issue.

HVAC technician servicing an AC unit on a rooftop

Get Emergency Support Now

Call our dedicated 24/7 emergency service number (1-844-499-8771) for immediate assistance.

Efficient and Responsive Technical Support

We have a full technical service department consisting of leaders, dispatchers and service technicians who are always ready to assist both our new and existing customers. Even if our service technicians are occupied on another site, we can dispatch staff to a location within hours to fix an issue. Prompt service is critical as these problems can be very expensive and lead to extensive damage if not addressed immediately.

For example, if a pipe, coil or valve bursts, it can lead to flooding, causing significant water damage that can spread quickly. We recognize the importance of resolving issues quickly, and that’s why we take pride in having a robust and fast service department to ensure our customers’ needs are always met!

Dave Taylor of Hurckman Mechanical

Preventative Maintenance for HVAC and Refrigeration Systems

We highly recommend that our customers agree to a preventative maintenance plan. This allows us to schedule pre-approved times for inspections and make any necessary repairs to HVAC and refrigeration units. It’s like a yearly physical you have with your doctor (but four times a year). By identifying and fixing issues before they become costly or interrupt your company’s day-to-day operations, we help you avoid unnecessary expenses and downtime.

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Hurckman Mechanical Service

Employee Spotlight

Meet Dave Taylor

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Dave Taylor

Technical Services Division Manager

Meet Dave Taylor, HMI's Technical Services Manager with 37 years in HVAC/BAS Control. Dave excels in project and personnel management.
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