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How Can We Inspire the Next Generation of Women in Construction?

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At Hurckman Mechanical Industries Inc. (HMI) we are proud to celebrate Women in Construction Week and honor the valuable contributions made by women in our industry! As a company committed to excellence and innovation in the construction sector, we understand the significance of diversity and inclusion in driving progress and shaping the future of our industry.

HMI takes pride in the increasing representation of women in the construction industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of the latest data available, 1,173,000 women are employed in construction, representing 9.9% of the total construction workforce in the United States. This number is significant as women in construction make up 10.9% of the entire U.S. workforce as of 2022. We celebrate this trend as a reflection of the industry’s evolving landscape and the growing recognition of women’s contributions to construction.

Although the gender pay gap is still a challenge in many industries, the construction industry is known for its fair wage practices. On average, women in the United States earn 82.9% of what men make. However, in construction occupations, this gap is significantly smaller, with women earning approximately 95.5% of what men make. These statistics reaffirm our commitment at HMI to create an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities for growth and advancement.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - Women in the Labor Force: A Databook (2021), Table 19.

How Women Face Challenges in Construction

Breaking into the construction industry can be a challenging task, especially for women who may face stereotypes and biases. At HMI, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that enables women to excel and reach their full potential. We acknowledge the significance of addressing obstacles to entry and advancement and are dedicated to promoting gender diversity at all levels of our organization.

Success Stories

Throughout its history, HMI has been fortunate to witness the remarkable journeys of numerous talented women. Many female staff members have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skills in various positions, rising through the ranks to serve as Vice President of Operations, accountants, pipefitters pre-apprentices, sheet metal pre-apprentices, project managers, mechanical insulators, and estimators. Additionally, they have fulfilled roles such as marketing coordinators, project coordinators, office coordinators, dispatch workers, and human resources managers. Our female employees exemplify excellence across the board.

Their dedication to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results has been instrumental in shaping the success of HMI. We take immense pride in showcasing the achievements of these remarkable women and celebrating their invaluable contributions not only to our company but also to the construction industry as a whole. Their dedication, talent, and leadership serve as an inspiration to all, and we are proud to have them as part of our team.

Opportunities for Women in Construction

HMI is committed to creating opportunities for women who are interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry. We offer a wide range of roles, from working in the field as part of our skilled trades team to contributing to the design and management of complex construction projects. Our company provides the necessary training, support, and resources to help women succeed in their chosen fields and advance their careers. If you’re a woman who is looking for a place where you can thrive and grow professionally, HMI has the resources for you.

Tips for Women in Construction

For women considering a career in construction or already working in the industry, we offer the following tips based on our experience at HMI:

  1. Build a strong support network: Surround yourself with mentors and friends who can provide guidance and support as you navigate your career in construction. At HMI, we’re dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture where women can thrive and succeed.
  2. Be confident in your abilities: Don’t let stereotypes or biases hold you back. Believe in yourself and your skills, knowing that you have the talent and determination to succeed in the construction industry.
  3. Seek out opportunities for growth and advancement: Make the most of the training programs, certifications, and networking opportunities provided by HMI to improve your skills and broaden your professional connections. Whether you aspire to work in the field, pipe, sheet metal shops, or the office, we are dedicated to investing in the growth of our employees and providing avenues for career progression.
  4. Advocate for yourself: Don’t be afraid to speak up and assert yourself in the workplace. At HMI, we value and respect the contributions of all our employees, and we encourage women to advocate for themselves and their career goals.

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week,  we are proud to recognize and honor the contributions of women in the construction industry, both within our company and beyond. HMI, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals can thrive and contribute their talents to building a better future. Join us in breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and forging a path towards a more inclusive and equitable construction sector. Explore career opportunities at Hurckman today and be part of a pioneering movement shaping the future of construction.

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