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Snow Removal Equipment Building

Green construction relied as much on old ideas as it did on new technology.

The Challenge

The 64,750 sq. ft. building needed to store, clean and repair heavy snow removal equipment for the airport—and it had to qualify for LEED Gold certification. The building was used to wash the heavy equipment—but the thousands of gallons of water needed were costly.

The Solution

That’s when an old idea suddenly seemed new again. HMI teams fabricated a 20,000 gallon underground cistern to store and re-use rainwater for the wash bay. The tank was 10’x11’x39’ and was delivered in two pieces, each weighing 40,000 lbs. The tank sits on two anti-flotation slabs and was so efficient it filled twice during construction.

New technology was provided by a Navien Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater.

The Results

The system used less gas than conventional water heaters, and produced lower emission levels. The county’s goal was to create a sustainable building. However, more than just using green materials or construction practices, we were able to create a sustainable solution for the most costly use of the building.

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