Field of champions required exacting standards

Field of champions required exacting standards

Green Bay Packers, Green Bay, WI

Lambeau Field Addition


HVAC, Piping, Plumbing


Commercial, Municipal

The project required providing an HVAC system for the new kitchen on the North End Zone and an in-floor snow melting system for the north end zone. The “party deck” on the north end zone was exposed to the snow and ice that earned Lambeau Field the name “The Frozen Tundra.” Construction took place during the coldest winter months giving work crews new appreciation for the term “The Ice Bowl.”

We installed a fully automatic in-floor heating system that circulated hot glycol solution through tubing buried in the concrete deck. The boiler room was located on the roof of the stadium. Boilers weighing 2,800 pounds each needed a customized installation solution. We created special platforms in the elevator shafts needed to get the materials from the first floor to the 7th floor and installed the boilers using mobile carts.

The system lowered maintenance, reduced damage to the concrete walk ways, did not need salt or ice-melt chemicals and worked well in areas that were hard to shovel.