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Zahn Farms

Installing 13,000' of underground piping and more for a comprehensive biogas system

The Challenge

HMI encountered several challenges during the Zahn Farms project, starting with an incomplete set of engineered plans at the project’s inception. Harsh winter conditions presented difficulties in adhering to the schedule for the extensive underground piping. Additionally, navigating changes and unexpected additions throughout the project posed additional complexities, requiring adaptability and swift problem-solving to ensure successful completion.

The Solution

Hurckman successfully navigated challenges by collaborating with P&E, offering solutions for aspects that lacked engineering. Our team actively contributed insights to enhance the engineered plans as they unfolded. Adapting to weather-related constraints, we shifted focus to other areas, maximizing productivity during adverse conditions. Hurckman’s flexibility extended to providing ample manpower and resources, ensuring the project could accommodate additional work and changes beyond the initial scope, facilitating successful project completion.

The Results

Ultimately, HMI achieved success by meeting crucial deadlines, turning the project into a triumph. Dedication to meticulous time tracking and organization of additional work ensured proper compensation for the team’s efforts. Foreman Dan Zeeman played a pivotal role in managing the complexities and changes, showcasing commendable leadership. The positive relationship with P&E’s Construction Manager, Steve Ellis, fostered collaboration beyond expectations. Going the extra mile, HMI assisted in sourcing materials and engaging other contractors, contributing to the overall project completion. This marked Hurckman’s largest and most successful biogas project to date, underlining the significance of past expertise in ensuring triumph.

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