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Fincantieri Marinette Marine

Safely installing mechanical systems in a towering shipbuilding facility

The Challenge

Undertaking a high-paced, expansive project in a towering building, HMI faced substantial challenges. The project’s complexity included over 27,000 feet of process HVAC gas lines, more than 34,000 pounds of ductwork and advanced plumbing systems. Overcoming obstacles like positioning rooftop units over 100 feet in the air, HMI skillfully executed the installation of duct and pipework in a vast 193,000-square-foot building. Noteworthy features of the project encompassed nine make-up air units, multiple rooftop units, infrared heat, a VAV system, an exhaust system and 59 air filtration units. These elements were vital for maintaining a clean working environment within the challenging shipbuilding facility.

On the plumbing side, the project encountered substantial hurdles, including extensive soil management, underground obstacles like pillars and supports and the complexity of shared underground space. The installation of large-diameter water pipes across the building’s height demanded meticulous planning, coordination and safety considerations for our plumbers.

The Solution

Through meticulous preplanning and prefabrication of duct and pipework, Hurckman strategically determined proper hanger locations, designed duct pieces to effortlessly handle heights of 100 feet, devised efficient pipe runs to minimize time spent in elevated areas and orchestrated installations to avoid cramped spaces at significant heights. Our approach encompassed a systematic descent from elevated areas, considering the multiple mezzanines throughout the building, each featuring gas supply stations approximately every 25 feet. Height presented a challenge at every phase, yet HMI successfully executed its scope promptly and, most importantly, with a paramount emphasis on safety.

Our plumbing team successfully navigated complex installations, and we achieved precision in placing hangers at significant heights through synchronized efforts with two large lifts. Additionally, expertly routing smaller plumbing pipes beneath mezzanines and the second floor ensured a seamlessly integrated and functional system.

The Results

The completion of Fincantieri Marinette Marine’s ship assembly building has global implications. Designed for military class ships, it expands the shipyard’s capacity, influencing the U.S. Navy and creating job opportunities locally and statewide. Through meticulous coordination, BIM utilization, cutting-edge equipment and a focus on safety, our project concluded on schedule with high-quality outcomes.

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