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Hurckman Mechanical Expands to Downtown Green Bay – See What’s New!

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In an exciting development for Hurckman Mechanical Industries (HMI), the company has relocated its headquarters from Velp Avenue to a prime downtown Green Bay location at 164 N. Broadway. This strategic move is a testament to HMI’s impressive growth and marks a new chapter in the company’s storied history.

Relocation Driven by Growth and Innovation:

Founded over 70 years ago, Hurckman Mechanical Industries has continuously grown and innovated to meet the demands of the industrial, commercial, and marine sectors. Brad Hurckman, the current CEO and owner, has overseen unprecedented growth in the company, leading to the need for expanding its facilities.

“The move to our downtown Green Bay location was all about the growth we’ve seen as a company,” Brad stated. The former headquarters on Velp Avenue had been optimized to its limits, and expanding there was not feasible due to construction costs.

Our Comprehensive Services:

HMI specializes in providing top-tier mechanical contracting services, including:

These services are integral to our design/build solutions, ensuring that we meet and exceed the needs of our clients through advanced technology and expert craftsmanship.

Why Downtown Green Bay?

The new location at 164 N. Broadway offers several advantages:

  • Proximity to Production Campus: Ensuring operational efficiency and seamless coordination.
  • Increased Space: Supporting continued growth for the next 10-15 years.
  • Return to Roots: A symbolic homecoming as HMI’s first office was nearby on Pearl Street.

Enhanced Facilities for Future Growth:

The new headquarters will utilize two of the building’s three floors, offering enhanced amenities for employees, including a rooftop lounge and retreat. This relocation supports HMI’s commitment to providing a positive work environment and maintaining high standards of service.

Despite the move, the Velp Avenue location will remain integral to HMI’s operations. It will continue to serve as the primary production facility, with plans to eventually consolidate the project management and service groups at the new downtown location.

A Fortuitous Find:

The discovery of the new building was a stroke of luck. “I came down this road and saw a for sale sign on this building,” Brad shared. The location’s suitability and proximity to the production campus made it an ideal choice for HMI’s expanding needs.

Looking Ahead:

With the acquisition of an additional 3.4 acres on Donald Street near Velp for future production sites, Hurckman Mechanical Industries is well-positioned to handle increased demand and explore new opportunities. The strategic move to downtown Green Bay not only marks a return to HMI’s roots but also sets the stage for continued innovation and growth.

The relocation of Hurckman Mechanical Industries’ headquarters to downtown Green Bay is a significant milestone in the company’s history. This move reflects HMI’s dedication to growth and excellence in the mechanical contracting industry. Stay tuned for more updates as HMI continues to innovate and expand its footprint in the heart of Green Bay.

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