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Top 4 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

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Think about what you do every day—what would happen to production, customer deliveries, or inventory if your heating or air conditioning(HVAC) broke down? Food production relies on chillers, factories rely on air circulation, and commercial buildings need adequate air handling.

When your operating systems are damaged or not working at peak levels, it takes everyone’s attention off the bottom line. You can avoid costly interruptions in your production with a few preventive measures, according to Dave Taylor, Technical Services Division Manager for Hurckman Mechanical. Here are our top 4 tips for maintaining your HVAC system.

  • Replace belts: Some heating and cooling (HVAC) systems still use belts and they can become frayed or torn. A damaged belt may make a clanging or clicking sound.
  • Replace filters: “Dirty filters are perhaps one of the main reasons units don’t operate efficiently,” Taylor said. “We’ve seen really bad conditions where dirt ends up in the coils of the unit and the only solution is to strip down the units and wash the coils.” He adds this is not something people want to do themselves.
  • Cleaning the condenser: The condenser is a set of coils in your outdoor air conditioning unit. A fan pulls air across these coils, dissipating the heat from the refrigerant inside and allowing it to convert back into a liquid, at which point it’s sent back inside to start the process over again. Without the condenser, the refrigerant retains its heat and the air conditioning system cannot be completed, thus the condenser normally shut down in a high-pressure situation.
  • Not cleaning your boiler: In large buildings, school districts, or industrial settings, traditional boilers are used for heating rather than gas-forced air. Cleaning a boiler can be a dirty, difficult job, and unless you have a trained facilities/maintenance staff, you need a professional.

“Changing your filters is something that can easily be done,” Taylor said. “They fill up with bugs, pollen, dust, and if you don’t use clean filters the dirt can end up in the coils of the HVAC unit and decrease efficiency.”

At Hurckman, we offer a Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement which covers more than 40 operational points and includes inspection, cleaning, testing, and lubricating your heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment. Plus, we keep a detailed log of your equipment so you know exactly what is in your building and how often it’s been serviced.

For any more information on the Peak Performance inspection, contact Dave Taylor.

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