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Neenah Joint School District

One of our most substantial HVAC undertakings to date

The Challenge

The project timeline presented notable challenges, particularly amid the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mechanical equipment lead times. Overcoming this hurdle was crucial to ensuring the timely installation of equipment before the commencement of wall and ceiling installations within the school. HMI’s collaborative efforts and effective coordination with the Miron teams proved instrumental, enabling our skilled workforce to adeptly navigate the scheduled installations and devise strategies to place equipment in mechanical spaces without causing significant disruptions. The sheer volume of ductwork and piping on this project posed an additional challenge to maintaining the schedule.

The Solution

Duct fabrication and piping fabrication played pivotal roles in the successful execution of the HVAC project, significantly impacting the overall timeline, speed, accuracy and efficiency. The meticulous fabrication process ensured that the project adhered to a streamlined schedule, meeting crucial deadlines with precision. The ability to swiftly and accurately fabricate ducts and pipes proved instrumental in maintaining project momentum. With loaded trucks ready to go, the logistical aspect was streamlined, allowing for a seamless transition from fabrication to installation. A staggering 450,000 lbs. of duct and duct accessories were crafted to exact specifications, showcasing the scale and precision of the fabrication efforts. Additionally, an impressive six miles of piping were efficiently fabricated, contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of the HVAC system. The success of the project is a testament to the critical role played by meticulous duct and piping fabrication, ensuring that the necessary components were readily available for installation.

The Results

Adept coordination with HMI’s diverse array of trade partners, local unions, vendors and subcontractors helped achieve project success. Additionally, the cohesive collaboration between foremen, their dedicated crews and the synchronized efforts of HMI’s sheet metal and pipefitting shops significantly contributed to steering the project across the finish line. The establishment of robust communication channels among these essential project elements created an environment marked by efficiency and transparency. This project serves as a compelling illustration of the crucial role effective communication plays, particularly in the project’s concluding phases. The harmonious collaboration exemplified in these concerted efforts underscores the significance of a well-coordinated and communicative approach in successfully navigating the intricate landscape of large-scale projects.

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