Historic paper mill converted to office space

Historic paper mill converted to office space

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Historic Eagle Mill


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Teams had to re-think typical pipe and duct installation as the historic building lacked infrastructure found in modern buildings. The building’s cobbled limestone façade, interior brick walls, exposed timber columns and ceiling joists posed problems for exposed ductwork and piping. Brick and stone walls were two feet thick in places and crews had to be careful drilling holes for piping. 

Hurckman teams laid out a model duct and piping network on the floor before any studs were built; they measured out precise locations with a laser, then started work. Teams were 30-feet off the floor running hangars down from the old wood beams in order to install duct work.In-floor radiant heating was installed along the perimeter of the floor with more than 8,000 rolls of piping installed to ensure more even temperature zones. Offices within the space were constructed with individual touchpad thermostat controls—equipment for 46 individual heating/cooling zones were located on plywood on top of the individual office spaces.

The result is uniform and efficient temperature control in a 143-year old building renovated to house a 21st century business. Exposed piping adds to the esthetic of the environment and the efficiency of the space.