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Island Resort & Casino

High rise built under pressure

The Challenge

Construction on the Island Resort and Casino included 138 hotel rooms, a rooftop restaurant and meeting space, and a pool with water park features. The site was 12 stories above grade and crews needed to lift 145 toilets, sinks, showers, and over three miles of piping. The tower was constructed without BIM and used Spancrete, so crews were challenged with placing mechanical systems around the tension cables. Additionally, the hotel rooms were not all mirror images which required customized solutions.

The Solution

Crews used a large skip hoist to move materials up and down the 12-story expanse. To manage the issue of Spancrete, two hotel rooms were mocked up complete with ductwork, water, drain piping, studded walls, electrical, fire suppression and more. Subcontractors were able to plan and schedule work accordingly. The rooftop restaurant needed consistent water pressure so crews installed a 5th floor booster pump that delivered 45psi for top floors. And, to take the stress off pipes traveling 12 floors, Hurckman used clamps on every floor to evenly distribute the weight of the piping.

The Results

Because the building did not use BIM, the 124,000 square foot project required “old fashioned” techniques of reading blueprints and making daily adjustments in installation. The massive site opened in winter of 2021.

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