WINTER IS COMING: Time to check those boilers

In the north, three things are certain: death, taxes, and winter. It may be swimsuit weather now, but this is the time to schedule a boiler inspection, cleaning and tune up.

Most commercial and industrial buildings rely on boilers for their heating. Whether they’re in your basement or on the rooftop, these units require maintenance for peak performance.

“It’s all about efficiency,” said Dave Taylor, service manager for Hurckman Mechanical Industries. “The money spent on cleaning and tuning up your boiler pays off in the long run with reduced energy costs.”

When technicians from Hurckman schedule an inspection, they do a pre-combustion analysis and measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, excess oxygen. Then they strip down the boiler, clean it, inspect the controls and reassemble it for a post-combustion analysis. Measuring the gasses before and after cleaning will show increased efficiency.

To schedule that boiler inspection before the weather cools, contact Dave at [email protected].





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