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Cold Storage Piping

Pre-fabricating piping for cooling system creates food-grade system and decreased installation time.

The Challenge

Piping used for cooling cheese prior to shipping needed replacing, but the piping ran through the plant, including over the food production area. Standard carbon steel piping would require painting, but the potential for paint flaking off into the food production was high. Standard piping would also require a rust inhibitor, further increasing the cost.

The Solution

Hurckman recommended installing stainless steel piping which would be cleaner and not require painting. Despite a slightly higher cost, the stainless pipe did not require additional costs of applying a rust inhibitor. Hand valves were installed to isolate each coil, crews were able to pre-measure and then pre-fabricate the entire pipe assembly at the Hurckman shop.

The Results

Pre-fabrication decreased time in the field, limited production interruption and allowed for a faster installation. Despite a slightly higher cost for stainless valves and piping, the system will not corrode and will provide a longer life cycle for the customer.

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