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New Chiller Room

Hurckman teams build innovative structure to house new roof-top chiller room.

The Challenge

Saputo Cheese needed more cooling capacity to manage increased cheese production. The company wanted to add additional capacity on their glycol loop, and wanted to integrate a chiller from another production facility into the Black Creek plant. Hurckman reviewed the layout of the plant’s ammonia compressor room and concluded there was no space for the chiller, then proposed installing it on the roof. However, exposure to the elements and insulating the machinery against a Wisconsin winter were a challenge.

The Solution

To make the most of a tight footprint, Hurckman crews designed and custom-built a 10’x17’ chiller room at their facility. The waterproof, heated room was built around the chiller and outfitted with an access door, ventilation system, electric heater, and insulated against extreme temperature variations. The entire structure was hoisted in place and connected to the plant’s ammonia and Glycol system in less than a day.

The Results

The new capacity enabled Saputo to keep production runs on schedule by providing an additional 165 tons of cooling capacity.

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