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Expand Malt Drying System

Hurckman offers a turnkey solution to install new malt drying system in eight-week turn around.

The Challenge

Briess Industries traditionally used a natural gas fired system to dry malt, but the system could no longer keep up with the plant’s growing production. The plant planned to install a new 800 horsepower high pressure steam boiler with steam coils installed in the duct work, but needed a partner that could supply sheet metal, piping, plumbing, and insulation services—and do it all in eight weeks.

The Solution

Hurckman teams were immediately sent into the field for hundreds of exacting measurements that were rapidly sent to crews at the shop. Hurckman mobilized two different fabrication shops simultaneously to start on sheet metal fabrication and piping. Crews created one steam boiler connected to more than 1,000 feet of steel piping and valves routed through the floor and walls of the drying room.

The Results

The project was completed ahead of deadline and the customer was able to expand its production schedule due to increased capacity.

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