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Curative Connections

Interior remodel adding sinks, bathrooms and three kitchens

The Challenge

The Curative Connections project presented several challenges for HMI, primarily stemming from extensive underground plumbing spread throughout the building. The excavation process posed difficulties for other trades to commence their work promptly. Additionally, the installation of specialty ADA equipment and fixtures was met with issues, including receiving incorrect fixtures from our vendor. Progress was impeded further by delays associated with flooring and casework, compromising overall project efficiency. These hurdles required careful navigation to ensure successful completion.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges, HMI implemented several effective solutions. Leveraging the expertise of a skilled excavator significantly improved the efficiency of the underground plumbing work. As the project neared completion, multiple plumbers were strategically deployed on-site to expedite the progress and bring it back in line with the original schedule. These measures ensured that the project was successfully navigated and completed within the specified timeframe.

The Results

The results of the Curative Connections project speak to the success of HMI’s efforts. The building not only meets but exceeds expectations, showcasing a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. It stands as a welcoming and efficient space for elderly visitors. The seamless integration of design and operational elements reflects the commitment to excellence and ensures that the facility serves its intended purpose.

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