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Fox Valley Technical College

Replaced underground piping during a remodel of the bakery and food service sections in the commons area

The Challenge

Undertaking the Fox Valley Technical College project, HMI faced a substantial hurdle with the installation of 10’ – 12’ deep underground piping within an existing building. The project demanded extensive concrete cutting and excavation work, adding a layer of complexity. Moreover, the presence of numerous fixtures in limited spaces intensified the challenge, requiring intricate coordination with other trades attempting to access the same spots. Navigating these obstacles demanded precision, careful planning and seamless collaboration to ensure the successful completion of the project.

The Solution

Maintaining open lines of communication with the general contractor, owners and other trades proved pivotal in orchestrating a cohesive workflow. To ensure the safe completion of the complex underground work, a dedicated team, including HMI’s safety director, played a crucial role. This collaborative approach facilitated the seamless integration of efforts, enabling the successful execution of the project while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

The Results

In the end, the Fox Valley Technical College project proved highly successful. Despite some additional site visits caused by delays from other trades awaiting necessary equipment hook-ups, the overall outcome was positive. The project experienced several changes and additional requirements typical in remodeling jobs, reflecting the dynamic nature of such endeavors. The ability to adapt and navigate through these challenges showcased HMI’s resilience, ultimately culminating in a well-executed and satisfactory completion of the project.

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