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Agra Energy

Stepping in with innovative biogas solutions

The Challenge

HMI embarked on the Agra Energy project tasked with implementing advanced biogas distillation technology in Wisconsin. Their system was to treat the final product of anaerobic digestion, methane gas and to process different fuel blends of aviation fuel. With the client’s move from the West Coast, our expertise was sought due to a previous contractor’s failure to deliver. We swiftly stepped in, providing comprehensive pipefitting fabrication, installation and insulation services to meet the startup deadline. Challenges included identifying missed areas in the sophisticated skid system left by the previous contractor, unique spool fabrication and a race against time to insulate the system before colder weather set in.

The Solution

We approached the Agra Energy project with meticulous attention to detail both in the field and in our pipe fabrication shop, ensuring precise execution aligned with the customer’s requirements. Our dedicated workforce delivered on schedule, leveraging ample manpower to fabricate and install piping and insulation, successfully adhering to the schedule.

The Results

The successful collaboration with Hurckman Mechanical Industries enabled Agra Energy to achieve their goals. With our support, they not only completed their current project but also expressed interest in future partnerships for the fabrication and installation of their upcoming sites, showcasing confidence in our expertise and commitment to excellence.

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