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Hillcrest Primary School

Building LEED Gold calls for prefab solution for elementary school

The Challenge

Creating the most ‘green’ systems for an elementary school ahead of schedule was in a day’s work for Hurckman. School district leaders wanted a building that qualified for LEED gold certification on a tight construction deadline.

The Solution

In order to meet the production schedule, HMI prefabricated 90% of the piping and ductwork ahead of time. Doing so meant no waiting for materials and allowed us to complete work ahead of schedule. Hurckman teams installed a heating and cooling system that was so innovative, it was one of the first such systems used in the state. Multistack is one of the first carbon neutral HVAC manufacturers in the nation. Their VMEI Water to Water heat pump system reduced both piping and electrical costs within a smaller footprint. The patent-pending Virtual Moveable End CapTM I System uses a combination of 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 50-, 70- and 85-ton Dedicated Heat Recovery ChillersTM to create systems that produce simultaneous cooling and heating while tying into closed or ground loop water sources. The project also featured:

  • Single point electrical connection for valves and controller
  • VME units were factory assembled and wired
  • Disconnecting circuit breaker for each module is standard
  • Modulating valve for built-in head control and precision water temperatures
  • No reversing valves
  • VME valves not required between constant, simultaneous load modules
  • Compressor run time equalization
  • Built in heat recovery
  • Single refrigeration lift for 30% more efficiency
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