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Wood Technology Center Construction

Innovative HVAC system busts dust

The Challenge

Dust collection and ventilation covering 26,000 sq. ft. was critical for a facility designed to train students on state-of-the-art machinery for designing and fabricating wood products. In addition to removing particles from the air, we needed to design a system that maintained a certain level of humidity to reduce the chances of a machine spark igniting a fire.

The Solution

We turned to two innovative systems: a MeeFog system that maintained humidity and an Eco Gate dust collection system that operated in zones. Collecting dust through zone use reduced the amount of energy when compared to a conventional dust collection system. We created a system that reclaimed exhaust air and redirected it into the space through duct sox. We were working in tight spaces and worked closely with the manufacturer to navigate multiple ducts,  duct sox, lighting, fire sprinkler and gas and air lines. To conserve space, we recommended deleting large circulation fans from the design.

The Results

The school used our design as a template for similar projects nationwide. Collaboration between owner, general contractor, manufacturer and installation crews allowed us to provide the most efficient, technically advanced system for the customer.

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