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Cupola replaced promptly in a two-week turnaround

The Challenge

One of our heaviest ventures yet, the De Pere Foundry cupola replacement was a massive undertaking with zero margin for error. Procuring specialized pipes on short notice wasn’t an option; we faced a tight 2-week shutdown, aiming to swiftly restore plant operations. Tasked with towering heights up to 60’, we navigated coordination with other contractors and engineered intricate, removable heavy steel forms to seamlessly pour refractory material in challenging circular spaces. Unforeseen challenges arose that required unexpected repairs and patches to existing components, posing a significant hurdle to meeting our original project timeline.

The Solution

HMI devised innovative forms secured with bolts and removable through wedges, overcoming extraction hurdles. While issues persisted, our adaptability prevailed. Coordinating with other contractors proved an ongoing battle, demanding relentless efforts to maintain momentum and meet the stringent deadline. Thanks to a strategic partnership with our crane company, equipped with the right rigging and knowledge, the project came together seamlessly. Their proficiency played a pivotal role in navigating complexities. Furthermore, our client’s unwavering support, particularly from the maintenance department, proved invaluable. They not only provided essential insights related to the system and installation but also lent a helping hand when needed, highlighting the collaborative spirit that fueled this successful endeavor.

The Results

The project was a resounding success, with completion on schedule and outstanding results that left the customer highly satisfied. Their continued partnership underscores their value as a loyal client, and our collaboration extends to ongoing projects. Overcoming the formidable challenge of achieving impeccable precision, where flawless installation of flanges and precise lengths and heights were non-negotiable, stands out as a testament to our commitment to excellence. A pivotal moment of relief and joy occurred when the Drop Out Box pads aligned seamlessly with existing ones, a feat requiring meticulous measurement and construction. The jobsite atmosphere reflected the triumph of that day, characterized by smiles and excitement as we neared project completion.

The entire team at Hurckman was very professional and thorough and was able to execute their well-developed plan with the utmost safety, precision and timeliness. The crew listened to all our concerns and made sure they were addressed. They always had a pleasant disposition, despite almost constant new challenges that arose and were able to accomplish all their tasks in the time allowed. I would highly recommend Hurckman to anyone who is looking for a partner.

Chad Moder
De Pere Foundry, Inc.
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