Navitus campus expansion

Navitus campus expansion

Navitus, Appleton, WI

Major expansion at Navitus on tight deadline


HVAC, Piping, Plumbing, Sheet Metal



The new 120,000 square-foot, four-story Navitus building is 70 percent larger than the original construction and posed challenges for Hurckman both in HVAC design/installation and in the processes used to track construction. The project was on an extremely aggressive timeline. Original piping specifications did not fit into the ceiling heights and the design called for exposed ductwork. The three boilers in the basement of the building needed to be vented through the roof four stories above and the entire building was faced in glass creating challenges for the air conditioning. 

Faced with a tight deadline, Hurckman crews made the decision to pre-fabricate all ductwork and piping at the Hurckman shop. All piping was pre-assembled in the shop with appropriate valves and outlets. Sheet metal was pre-insulated in the shop so crews could quickly make needed connections on the job site. Because of changing specifications, crews had to custom fabricate ductwork that was wider and shorter than original specs, yet fit in between structural steel beams and the ceiling. To connect the boilers with the roof vents, crews re-designed the boiler room moving the boilers to a north facing wall to cut down on the distance for venting. After construction was finished, Hurckman crews went back on-site to re-direct air flow and make the environment more comfortable for occupants due to the extensive use of glass on the building’s face. Also, this was one of the first jobs where Hurckman crews tracked daily output. Every day, crews logged how much pipe and ductwork was installed which allowed the team to track daily metrics.

Pre-fabrication allowed crews to work faster, maintain quality, and make deadlines. On-site HVAC design resulted in a more efficient use of time & materials and a better use of systems.